2022 Region 10 Richard O'Donovan Scholarship Contest


Consistent with our warrior/scholar philosophy of encouraging ongoing academic education among Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan practitioners, the Region 10 Dan Association is again sponsoring the Richard O’Donovan Memorial Scholarship Awards. The scholarship is named in honor of Richard O’Donovan, Kyo Sa Nim, Dan #31554 (1921-2002), who inspired many by his dedication to the Federation.

Learn more about the important history of the Richard O'Donovan Scholarship in this article A memory of Kyo Sa Nim Richard O'Donovan. This article will inspire you to submit your best essay in honor of Mr. Richard O'Donovan.

There will be six (6) $200.00 scholarships awarded.  Awards are to offset any Soo Bahk Do related expense.


    • Soo Bahk Do monthly studio dues
    • Training gear such as uniforms, sparring gear, etc.
    • Soo Bahk Do Institute fee
    • National Championships (Orlando, FL)
    • Region 10 Summer Camp

The goal of the O'Donovan Scholarship Award is to ensure all Region 10 members have an opportunity to participate - regardless of age, intellectual, language, and physical abilities.  The scholarship contest is open to everyone in Region 10 in good standing (all studio and federation dues current).  

Evaluation criteria:

    • Content and organization
    • Spelling, grammar, punctuation
    • Following instructions (to submit your essay)

All essays must include:

    • Applican'ts name
    • Dan/Gup number
    • Dojang Name
    • Instructor's name
    • Scholarship category

 Essay Topic: 8 Key Concepts

    • Adult (15 years old & older):  Have you used the 8 Key Concepts to maintain wellness during the pandemic?  Describe how.
    • Children: What are the 8 Key Concepts and how do you apply them in everyday life and in Soo Bahk Do?

6 Categories Age

Essay Requirement

Due date: February 15, 2018

Adult Gup Member

Adult Dan Member

19 years old & above

350 to 1000 words

Gup Member

Dan Member

15 to 18 years old

 Children (2 categories)

10 to 14 years old 250 (minimum) to 500 words
9 years old and under 75 (minimum) to 250 words

 Note: Artistic submissions only accepted from students that are certified by their instructors as not being able to complete the written option.

Submission instructions:

    • Due date: Friday, May 13, 2022
    • Email your essay as an attachment to the Region 10 Vice-Chairperson, Sarah True, at sarahbear91@comcast.net
    • Email Subject line must start with: R10 Scholarship - <your name>
      • Example 
        • Subject: R10 Scholarship - John Doe

Download the 2020 Region 10 O'Donovan Scholarship Flyer