2019 Region 10 Event Calendar


 NOTE: Dates and locations are subject to change

 January 19  Oregon Moo Duk Kwan Annual Board Breaking Tournament   Lake Oswego, OR
 March 15-16  Region 10 Championships  Mount Vernon, WA
 April 12-13  Region 10 143rd Dan Shim Sa & Regional Examiner's Clinic  Wenatchee, WA
 April 30  Region 10 Richard O'Donovan Scholarship Deadline  
 September 21  Oregon Moo Duk Kwan Annual Championships  Lake Oswego, OR 
 October 18 - 19   Regon 10 144th Dan Shim Sa & Regional Examiner's Clinic  Portland, OR



 2019 National & International Events

 May 29 - June 4  Euro Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa at Miramare Hotel Eretria  Evia Island, Greece
 June 24 - 30  Euro Summer Camp at Miramare Hotel Eretria  Evia Island, Greece 
 July 25 - 27   U.S.  Soo Bahk Do National Festival at Jantzen Beach Resort               Portland, OR 
 November 8 - 10   Moment with the Masters at Zermatt Resort  Midway, UT
 November 8 - 15  U.S. Soo Bahk Do Ko Dan Jan Shim Sa at Zermatt Resort  Midway, UT

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