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Region 10 Dan Association Executive Committee

  • Chairperson: Mark Persinger, Jo Kyo Nim
  • Vice Chairperson: Dee Brown, Jo Kyo Nim
  • Treasurer: Ken Jacot, Jo Kyo Nim
  • Secretary: Sheri Czar

Region 10 Event Committee Leaders

  • Tournament Director:Jared Rosenthal, Sa Bom Nim
  • Summer Camp Director: Colette Arvidson, Sa Bom Nim
  • O'Donovan Scholarship: Dee Brown, Jo Kyo Nim
  • Board of Directors Representative: Charles Holland, Sa Bom Nim


Region 10 Regional Examiner: Charles Smith, Sa Bom Nim
Region 10 Regional Administrator: Helen Bagnall, Jo Kyo Nim

Last updated: 01/01/2019

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Region 10 Dan Association